CatJS 0.4.45

UI Console

The UI console is available by default, it means that when the test deploy has been started a catjs UI console will be display on the right top corner. The UI console displays the test output console and in additional internal monitoring messages such as notification for the test in case there's no activities.

In additional to the UI console display a mask cover is being displayed over the original UI, it can be turned off and back on when pressing on the cat logo that placed in the UI console.


catjs UI console can be turned on/off by setting the cat.json file that can be found in the generated test deployment. Setting the 'ui' property to true or false can switch the UI console to on/off.

Notification Icons

  • When an assertion test passed
  • When an assertion test failed
  • i Info sign for UI actions or other general information
Applications That Test Themselves