CatJS 0.4.45

Test Data Usage

On CatJS project creation a test data file is being generated at the following location: cat-project/src/config.testdata.json
This is a JSON file format and you can set your data inside and use that data within CatJS annotation. for example:

        @@code alert(@d.find(

We have integrated JsPath with CatJS core and you can use its syntax for query your data out from the test data JSON.
To get the data and use it within scraps definitions use "@d" combined with the blow described API. And as an arguments see JSPath documentation.

Currently we have support for two scrap methods:

  • find Find a specific single entry (In case we get more than one result we'll take the first)

  • random Get a specific entry out of an Array of items, Each call will result a random entry.

  • next Combined with the cat.json configuration the test data can be auto incremented. "repeat" property should be defined to the test configuration below the scenarios. Following a simple example:

    • cat.json

        scenarios": {
            "general": {
              "tests": [{
                "name": "menuItemsAction", "repeat":3
    • testdata.json

            "menu": [
                { "name": "credits"},
                { "name": "howto"},
                { "name": "home"}
    • JavaScript code

            @@name menuItemsAction
            @@description Top Menu Actions
            @@jqm click("#menu a[scroll-to=" + + "]")

      The statement (powered by JSPath) means: go to the next item in the menu array at the testdata.json and get the name out of the menu item. simple as that :) The jqm action is scrolling to the menu item according to the incoming test data.

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