CatJS 0.4.45


Currently catjs supports, console and JUnit reports


Any type of reports generated by CatJS are being created in "reports" folder below "cat-project" folder.

Naming Convention

The reports path and file names are as follows: ./cat-project/reports/[date]/[guid]/[entity_device_type_model.ext]

  • folder names

    • date DD-MM-YYYY
    • guid Unique Id generated for each test, all of the reports related to that test will be aggregated respectively
  • file name

    • entity The type of the entity [test | device | junit]
    • type The type of the device [Browser | Device]
    • mode Details about the type
    • ext
      • JUnit - XML format
      • Other types - JSON format


On each running tests a JUnit XML file is been created below the test deployment. It then can be consumed by Jenkins or other reporters that supports JUnit.


On each running tests the test output is been printed to catjs monitor console.


In the test project (cat.json), that can be found in the test deployment below 'cat' folder, the available reporters can be customized and/or it can be set to on/off. Currently the available customization relates to an array that the reporters types can be added or removed.

Applications That Test Themselves