CatJS 0.4.45

Dynamic Test Deployment Environment Setup

CatJS setup your test deployment in minutes, it gets all of the third-party libraries that you need package and embed it in your project. Furthermore it take care of your test sources by generating the basic code for your tests and package them along with the test configurations to be part of your test deployment.

Test Automation

CatJS enables test automation creation as part of the developer's natural code. With simple annotation embedded within comments, CatJS generates the test code that can be later used as part of the test scenarios. For the extreme developers we have prepared an external environment for minimal annotation usage.

Test Data

CatJS has built-in test data integration that can be used as part of the developer tests. It can be faked or it can be solid data, it can be random or dynamic.


CatJS has a built-in assertion library, under the hood it uses chaijs library. CatJS also provides JavaScript errors trapping, with no additional tests the developer can start with getting a basic validation report.

Test Projects

The applications can test themselves by setting a test project. With adding one or more scenarios and setting the test environment, the application will take care of itself and report about it.


CatJS has a plugable solutions for the internal task runner and for the annotations mechanism. Enabling to extend the functionality with ease.


CatJS has a built-in runner that can run the test application deployment on multiple browser and devices (IOS and Android support)

Monitoring Server

CatJS monitoring server gather all of the information from the tests, including devices measurements, test information and other channels in the future.

Web Server

CatJS has a basic web server for serving static pages. The developer can deploy his test deployment on CatJS web server and get a fast and rapid development environment.


JUnit XML file is generated by the monitoring server that can be used by Jenkins. Furthermore the assertions are being output to the server console and in additional a UI console is being displayed that logs the test information.

Applications That Test Themselves